Friday, May 6, 2011

Use it up!

DH loves this challenge!
I really like this Use it Up Challenge over at 365LessThings.
It's a focused challenge to get you going with free shopping at home.

I've missed the actual challenge, but I'm going to post my successes anyway.

For Alex's 5th birthday party (yes, he's now had his 6th), I bought a bulk bag of marshmallow peopley sort of thingies.*

While they were enjoyed at the party, they weren't a hit as leftover treats with the family.  Since then, they have lurked in the pantry and settled into a large colourful sticky sugary lump.  Amazingly, no ants have discovered the population.

I've excavated the remains and repurposed them to be used in hot chocolate, where their shape and stale condition don't matter.

*OK, OK, fine, DH, they're Eskimos!  How unPC....


  1. Hi Jess,
    you never miss the Use It Up challenge as it is a constant on going thing. Everyone has different things to use up and some things take a lot longer to use up than others so there is no limit to the variety or time allotted to Us It Up.
    Colleen @

  2. Haha @ your husband :)
    I try to do this too. Sometimes there is something awesome lurking in the kitchen cupboards -like I have some dried powdered berries right now!!! I'm gonna use them up next. Also some dried mushrooms and sea veggies that have been there for quite a while. Use, use, use!! For some other stuff it's more difficult.. I have recently turned to raw food and whatever little baking and cooking I'll do, won't involve wheat and white sugar.. So while I SHOULD use up what I have (not much at all) I just CAN'T. Just after a short while I feel so much better and I think it's better to just put the leftover sugar and wheat flour to compost. Other than food stuff, there really isn't anything like that lurking around. Very little bathroom stuff and cleaners and it's all good stuff I'm using.

  3. Colleen, great to know I haven't missed out! I have LOTS of things :-)

  4. Cat,

    One of the big "use it up" areas always seems to be stuff I buy meaning to cook something new and different. And then I don't. I have lots of pantry storage and I have to be careful I don't misuse the space.

    I know you're living quite remotely now - is there nobody who would like to have the sugar and wheat flour?