Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Secondhand smarts - bagging it

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Ever since I found a designer OiOi nappy backpack at my local charity shop (bought for $2, sold for $50), I always take a few minutes to check out the handbag section for other unappreciated goodies.

I'm a backpack fan rather than a handbag fanatic, as carrying gear on my back with two hands still free is about the best plan around.

My current backpack is from Kathmandu - it's as fashionable as a rockclimbing harness and almost as grubby.  Of course, it can carry at least 7 library books (hardback!) or an emergency lot of groceries.  But Cinderella would never take it to the ball.

But now I have a new handsfree device:
For a mere $7, I've plucked an elegant rose with a suggestively fashionable label to strap on when I expect a more civilised and less juvenile outing.

Is it really Nina Ricci?  For $7, who cares?

Anyway, it's the branding that keeps this from being the ultimate minimalist backpack.

I wore this on my adventure, miniMum in ConsumerLand.  Details coming soon...

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