Monday, June 27, 2016

Brexit: It’s not us, it’s EU

 The people have spoken, and what do they say?
A simple majority from the UK
Declared independence from that wobbly EU
“Our pound remains free, and soon we will be too.”
No thanks, we’re British! United we stand!
(just don’t ask those stirrers, the Scots and Ireland).

Our life’s getting worse; our economy’s tanking
For this, all in all, it’s the EU we’re thanking
When decisions are made without our consultation
The tyrants should be from our very own nation
It’s all of these immigrants causing the mess
Bordering doom for our nation’s success.

So, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, pet
The lawyers will sort it somehow – no clue yet
The markets may tumble, but what can we do?
It just isn’t working – it’s not us, it’s EU
Democracy’s triumph, in bright royal blue
Take care what you vote for, it might just come true.

(c) 2016 Jessica Parsons