Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Decluttering catchup

I wouldn't want to get behind on displaying all the items leaving our home for better homes...

I was given a beautiful crystal vase for my birthday, so I'm able to release the terracotta urn.

Since we have fewer things, I don't need these stacking storage baskets.  They are not my favourite choice in the first place as they seem to be pile attractors - more in the bedrooom and even more in the toyroom.

The kids keep growing out of their clothes, and nobody in our house needs a pink potty, even for emergencies!

Now I can sit back and enjoy less more.


  1. What a weird society we live in, so much stuff!

  2. I know! I am also historically disadvantaged :-) because I have had much more space than I needed for most of my adult life.