Monday, May 2, 2011

Secondhand in the news!

Foster children only second best?
This proposal to allow foster children to buy clothes only from secondhand stores went outrage viral not many days ago.  This probably led to the hasty modification of the proposal.  I love to see local voices having an impact!

Forcing the issue
Nobody should be forced to buy only from secondhand stores (and I doubt enforcing such a scheme is practical or possible).

No, people should definitely only buy from secondhand stores because it's fun and a really smart thing to do with a limited clothing budget.  (If you have an unlimited one, please let me know, because I'd like to be your friend.)

Secondhand publicity 
I do thank State Sen Casswell for raising this issue, however clumsily, because when secondhand stores are discussed this widely, they are that much closer to mainstream acceptance.  That means more bargains for you and more money going to charities instead of retail outlets.

As a new regular feature, Secondhand Smarts, I'm going to show off the great finds from my secondhand treasure hunts. 

Secondhand Smarts
I won't have to force my kids to wear these beauties!
And for the brand conscious, don't miss that little Pumpkin Patch label on the blue guitar shirt.

Can you beat that?  Share your finds with me and I'll show them off too...

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