Thursday, May 19, 2011

Use it up! Getting saucy...

It was a tough job, but our family were up to the challenge!  Those marshmallow people are history.

I can see that bulk buying holds a lot of appeal for me.  My next challenge?  This...
Specifically, TWO of these!

Yes, that's nearly 6kgs of fruit puree to use.

I love specials, and I couldn't resist these in the discount bin at our local bulk shop.  I have visions of using things like this in place of placing more expensive items in our pantry (like jam).

But I'm alone in my visions... While DS enjoys applesauce in expensive foil single servings, he turned up his nose at this (actually quite tasty) substitute in Tupperware.

But I have now opened ginormous tin #1 and am mixing it in with yoghurt and my morning porridge. Nom, nom, nom....

I also do use this to make savoury sauces more hearty and flavourful (instead of a spoonful of jam).

I'm wide open to suggestions - anyone got any fantastic recipes that use fruit puree?

The Moral of the Story
When shopping, I need to be less visionary on behalf of my victims...I mean, family.  I actually do know that they don't like experimenting and substituting like I do.  So I must scale back such experiments based on my own consumption levels, not family-sized.


  1. What about using it in baked goods instead of oil as you can use applesauce?

  2. That's a good idea - I need to make a banana cake and I bet it would be delicious!

  3. Yes, I vote for it as a partial fat replacer in baking too :-)

  4. Put some in smoothies. And freeze icicles in icicle forms!

  5. Ooh, yes, the kids love frozen pops..