Saturday, May 14, 2011

Decluttering my own blog

A little cautionary tale...

When I began my blog in 2010 (in Blogger), I tried a few labels.  They looked like this:
kids minimalist tidy vegan books
I knew they weren’t working right but didn’t investigate much further, as I was WRITING!  Labels?  Don't bother me with details.  (Yes, as a professional writer, I duly hang my head in shame.  Information without accessibility is useless.)

Then VegSource's blogging tool said “Tags: please insert comma between tags.”


That makes sense.  Blindingly obvious now that I've been told.  Blogger...are you listening?

Fixing it up

With more than 100 posts over two years, labels are now a vital navigation tool.  I have great fun writing my headlines, but you readers (especially new readers) probably don't care what I wrote in, say, November 2010.  But you might want to see what I wrote about clutter or holidays.  Even I sometimes want to see what I wrote about food or the laundry.

And with more than 100 posts, it was an eye-crossing, finger-cramping chore over hours and days to fix the broken labels and apply new useful labels. (One important learning curve was making labels general enough to be useful.)

Now that I've fixed the labels, it's trivial to use them well on new posts.

New look @miniMum

Along with the new name and logo, you now also get a selection of labels for navigation.  I hope this increases your reading pleasure.  And apologies for taking so long to get rid of the clutter.


  1. I need to do this sort of decluttering of my tags as well. Now that my blog is about 400+ post old that is a mammoth task I keep ignoring.

  2. Hi Colleen,

    Like all decluttering, having it done is very rewarding, but doing it can be daunting! :-)