Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nappy free babies

No more nappies
With a slightly odd feeling, I just unsubscribed from BabyOnline's email list for specials.  With not much fanfare, Nadia has toilet-trained - night and day.  Thereby adding weight to the old saying that girls are easier than boys.  Alex still gets woken up for a late evening pee stop and is still known to have an accident every once in a while.
In fact, there wasn't much training involved.  She's preferred to use the toilet for more than a year now, and on her own she has simply stopped peeing while asleep.
Fantastic - I am super pleased!  But after almost 6 years of nappy changing it is funny to be done with it all.  Now I just need to think who needs a few nappies and pull-up pants.

Warning - the dangers of co-sleeping!
I've been a fan of co-sleeping since before Alex was born - most health professionals exaggerate the dangers, ignore the benefits, and prefer blanket bans (pun intended) instead of sensible safe co-sleeping advice.  Nadia still sleeps with me and I love the time I have with her. 
But it's time for the does have its dangers.
I have a very sore and bleeding hole in my lip from a head-on collision in the dead of night.  I never even saw her coming, officer.

She's so cute, she's bound to get off with just a warning.


  1. *LAUGH*

    That's adorable. It must be a relief to be done with diapers

  2. Oh yes! I'll posting about our disposable _leftovers_ soon. It wasn't just a few after all and it's really made me think...