Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Use it up! How sweet it is...

Setting these specific Use It Up challenges is motivating, successful and enjoyable. I've been warming my hands on hot cups of tea on these chilly winter days.

This latest in the Use It Up series is another old sweetie like in the first challenge (I mean the marshmallow Eskimos, not the sweetie husband, of course.)

These chewy Mentos were also bought as party bag treats for some birthday party of yore, from an online grab a deal of the day.

We hide sweets from our all-seeing, all-climbing son, but this lot got hidden a bit too well, out of easy reach of my vertically challenged arms.

I've put them back into circulation while they're still yummy.  They're just the right size packet to share just a couple with a lot of kid friends, and DH and I enjoyed a packet during our viewing of Billy T: Te Movie instead of buying outrageously expensive movie theatre offerings.
Stocking up can be a wonderfully frugal activity - but you can't rotate your stock if you don't know where it all is.  Store things where you would look for them even when you've forgotten what you bought!

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