Saturday, June 18, 2011

Use it up! Anyone for a nice hot pot of tea?

That 6kgs of fruit puree went into porridge, yoghurt, Chinese stirfry sauce, banana cake, banana shakes - you name it!  This was a frugal replacement for other grocery items with regular turnover like raisins (for porridge), jam (for yoghurt and sauces), and sugar in baking. 

I still have about a cup left, but I declare success.  Next!

Our coffee/tea shelf is a real clutter magnet and is quite hard to reach for vertically challenged people like me.  Several years ago, my mother passed on this very pleasant bag of barley tea she brought back from a visit home to the US.  It's naturally sweet and mildly smoky, and wow, did you click on that link and see all the health claims?  Who knew?

Anyway, these are pot sized tea bags (see pic for comparison).  I rarely have the chance to share a whole pot of the same flavour tea with others.  So this has lurked, and lurked....

Now is the time to reap all those benefits!  I've brought it to the main shelf (read low shelf).  Winter is starting to bite on this side of the world, so it's time to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea.

And then another one, using the same cup with its ginormous teabag.

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