Monday, June 27, 2011

Use it up! Gluten free vegan baking

Most grain products for sale are wheat products. Bread, crackers, biscuits, muffins, pasta...

A change from wheat can do you good, even if you don't have a diagnosable intolerance.
I avoid giving Nadia (3) lots of wheat in the evenings - she regularly wets the bed on such nights.
This gluten free vegan baking mix was on special at my favourite health food store, I snapped it up.  Because I want to do more home baking anyway, right?  I got two.

Imaginary baking while shopping is so much easier than real baking!  Especially for unfamiliar ingredients.  These have occupied shelf space for too long...

The very next time I got a baking urge, I recklessly opened the first package and Nadia and I got busy.
With the suggested fruit muffin recipe I used chopped banana and chocolate chips.

These disappeared like magic when fresh.

For most cooking, and I think especially gluten free, it's never as good the next day.  But I did get at least one day of these as a lunchbox treat.

And as always, I vow to keep up the baking habit - these simple recipes are their own reward!

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