Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Decluttering - thinking big and sewing it up

My grandmother bought the latest model sewing machine some decades ago and put it to very good use.  She loved to sew, and we still have a few of the baby clothes she sewed when we were young.

In another millennium, in another hemisphere, I am not using it at all.

No, I'm using it to hold up stuff on its way out of the house.  It's built into a quite nice solid wood table on wheels, and takes up a small table's share of room.

It's nice, potentially so useful, and sentimental as well, so I have kept it.  I do not love to sew.  It's Living the Life You Have all over again (instead of the one I wish I did).

If I want to have an occasional sewing machine, just in case, to show the kids how it's done, this is not the machine for me.  I can easily buy a compact sewing machine...


I did some research on TradeMe to price the machine (after the obCheck with the rest of the family), but then stalled again.  Freecycle saved the day:  "Wanted: sewing machine..."

Nice guy picked it up yesterday, and the new owner says she loves it.  Grandma Eileen would be pleased, I'm sure.

As a bonus, I also released a small stack of sewing manuals.

Dollars and sense
New sewing machine?         $1 reserve or $30 buy now on TradeMe
Old sewing machine table?  $unknown, satisfaction guaranteed
Brand new clear space?      Priceless


  1. Well done with the sewing machine. It has gone to someone who will truly appreciate it at least for a while. I have a sewing cabinet that I need to sell at the moment but it is way bulkier than your gorgeous little one. I can't wait to free up the space it is taking up. Now I just have to work out how I am going to go about getting rid of it.

  2. Thanks Colleen, I feel a real sense of accomplishment. I can see the clear space from my desk right now!