Sunday, July 24, 2011

Voldemort goes Vegan!


I enjoyed the final final really the last Harry Potter movie just a few days ago.  (I was surprised to find that the critics enjoyed it even more than I did.)

I won't spoil the end for fact, I can't since the story is already published and everyone knows the good guys win after lots of action and magic.

As a vegan, I enjoyed this short video (by Ciddy Fonteboa) with some of the same great characters perhaps even more....  The Death Eaters hear all about a plant-based diet and don't miss the part about Severus Snape and the organic garden with the dragon dung compost pile!

Art like this is not just funny but represents a much-needed connection between serious vegan activism and mainstream culture.

More of Ciddy Fonteboa's work is here.

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