Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stand up for your health

We now have our lovely new au pair in our house!  The kids love him already.  He has already helped enormously cleaning out the Auckland Explorers' activities cupboard and played endlessly with Nadia while Alex is at my parents.

This is also a major triumph for our decluttering efforts.  Our old office:

is now his bedroom:


Making an entire room available is no small accomplishment for a family with children.

Downstairs is similarly transformed: one end is the kids’ art area and guest futon and the rest is our new office. 
We were very pleased to use our guest room last night to house a fellow vegan from Christchurch on his way to SAFE's Why Animals Matter conference, now finishing up here in Auckland.

Standing Desk
I am trying a standing desk in this new office.  The idea appeals because I’d like to:
We had a head start:  some simple stands to lift the monitor and keyboard, plus the monitor's own adjustability, and my own lack of inconvenient height.

I read one report of losing 3 pounds in one week after making this change:   SOLD!
Other views at SmarterWare minimalist Life, and LifeHack.

I have a Swiss ball and a piano stool available, but after a few days of standing, I can already feel the effects.  I can still do all I need to, and I’m keen to continue.

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