Saturday, July 9, 2011

Christchurch Vegetarians still shaken


Auckland made the news briefly for our small unexpected earthquake on July 6th.  It was very shallow (9kms) and practically on my doorstep (1-2kms away).  Of course most earthquakes are unexpected, but Auckland really isn't known for them.  The last one I felt was more than 20 years ago.

This was just one shake.  It was over before anyone could even think about being scared.  But Christchurch has continued to suffer multiple daily aftershocks larger than this for months on top of the two major earthquakes that devastated the city and destroyed their Vegetarian Centre on Feb 22nd.   

Please respond if you can to this appeal for help from our mates down in Christchurch.  There is so much need in Christchurch that it is quite overwhelming.

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