Friday, July 22, 2011

Caged chickens in New Zealand need your help – act now!


Over three million hens in New Zealand live short and cruel lives crammed inside wire cages to produce almost 1 billion eggs.

For over 20 years SAFE has campaigned to ban these battery cages. Open Rescue have bravely entered farms to document cruel conditions and rescue birds.

One ordinary New Zealander, Carl Scott, spent an entire month living in a cage to raise public awareness.

This year the Government is in the process of reviewing the Code of Welfare for Layer Hens.  But their current plan is hardly an improvement: colony cages have already been condemned internationally. 

The time is now
We can make a change.  It's an election year.  Wherever you are, speak up for these young female birds and improve their terrible conditions. Even a short statement will make a difference:

“We are appalled at the treatment of layer hens in New Zealand.  Colony cages do not comply with the Animal Welfare Act; follow Switzerland’s example and ban battery cages outright.”

New Zealanders

  1. Contact your local MP - Directory of all NZ MPs
  2. Contact New Zealand Prime Minister John Key
  3. Contact New Zealand Green Party Animal Welfare Rep Sue Kedgley


  1. Contact New Zealand Prime Minister John Key
  2. Contact New Zealand Green Party Animal Welfare Rep Sue Kedgley
Share this message using the links at the end, and other ways to take action

For more information
Read the whole story at SAFE’s NoCages campaign.


  1. Go you , hate this as well . The more the word is spread the better !

  2. Thanks haidee - [lease send your message to the MPs and tell all your friends!

  3. You can also send an e-card to your local MP using SAFE's website

    It takes about 10 seconds and is really worthwhile! Have your say!

    Deirdre Sims of New Zealand Open Rescue