Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome Summer! Easy frugal fatfree vegan banana ice cream

Already down a kg by now...

I couldn't resist the bargain - $3 for 8kgs of overripe bananas!  A sign as clear as a robin that warm weather is here in New Zealand.

Time to make some freezer space for banana ice cream makings.  Whoops, no more room.  Better take some of the frozen ones out and make a treat for the whole family.


  • Peel 4 ripe bananas and chop into roughly 2cm chunks
  • Contain and freeze until firm (I use plastic produce bags)
Ice Cream!
I hear a juicer works really well to do this.  I use a food processor (processor blade, not slicer).
  1. If frozen solid, leave bananas to sit for a few minutes
  2. Separate frozen pieces and put in processor
  3. Add liquid: 1/2 cup water, vegan milk, and/or another (unfrozen) ripe banana
  4. Add extras: vanilla, molasses, cocoa, chocolate chips, coconut ....?
  5. Process.  This is noisy!

  • You may need to stop the processor and stir unmixed banana lumps in.
  • You may need to add some more liquid (if you have no creamy bananas at the bottom).
Your patience will be rewarded with a smooth creamy cold treat that you'll wish you'd discovered sooner.  Surprisingly it doesn't taste much of banana - my mother is not a banana fan and still loves this.  And so does everyone else!
The banana boys

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  1. Update: We now have a mincer attachment for our Kenwood super duper mixer, and this works even better to produce ice-creamy goodness without any extra liquid because the mincer is really powerful. The ice cream stays cold for much longer!