Friday, October 28, 2011

Free eco-friendly planter - from the trash!

My winter parsley and kale are rapidly going to seed as the sunshine hits the garden.  I cleared the kale and made a whole crock pot of soup. 

If I want juicy tomatoes, tender squash, lettuces, a cucumber or two - then there's no time to waste.  I need to get the summer seedlings going. (Luckily, the strawberries are doing what strawberries do all by themselves.)

I could always use small plastic pots, but the kids and I really enjoyed the clever Peat Pellet (used at a Small Poppies session) for planting.

It was fun to watch it grow with added water, and satisfying to plant the healthy seedling straight into the garden with no root disturbance and no plastic container.

I don't need to check the price to know they're not frugal enough for me.  What to do?

It's easy.

Make your own free biodegradable seed planter  

  • Take one empty toilet paper tube.
  • From one end, fold the circular edge down (4 folds) to roughly close off the hole.
Planters_Start.jpg   Planters_Finished.jpg       

  • Press the folded end as flat as possible, using your fingers both inside and outside of the tube.
  • Fill with moist soil.
  • Repeat with as many tubes as you have.  If you run out, another one will be ready soon.
  • Plant and enjoy!


  • Use promptly after making.
  • Use a containing box (the planters may not stand up well on their own).
  • Before planting, open the bottom end of the tube and wet the whole tube thoroughly so the roots can get out to the soil.
Planters_Lineup.jpgHere's a lineup of my hopeful planted seeds along with a couple of baby lemon trees (I really want a lemon tree) and beans...

Good luck to us all!


  1. What a brilliant idea! I am so trying this. Thanks for saving me from buying a new planter!

  2. Some of mine are sprouting already - hope yours do well.