Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secondhand smarts - picture perfect!

I have a few historical Secondhand Smarts stories waiting, but this one is just so cool!  

Our waffle maker has made its last wholewheat vegan waffle, and the kids always love me more when I make waffles.  So I entered full secondhand shopping mode.

I checked on TradeMe and down at (you guessed it) my favourite charity shop. I did not find a waffle iron.  Nor did I find an exercise bike, which I've been prescribed as physiotherapy.  But I did find....

I have wanted one of these for years, but even a small one is so expensive I hadn't bought one.  Now I have a big one - and that's no Photoshop fake, it was only $20!

(The backroom guy literally just put it on display as I walked by and I didn't let it gather any dust.)

Oh, and I got a small pedal exerciser from TradeMe and a good old-fashioned waffle maker free from Freecycle.

Pardon the expression, but retail and weep!

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