Friday, January 21, 2011

Great minds think alike - giving royally

What I have in common with Will and Kate:
(never thought I'd be posting that sentence!)

Charity gifts
Yes, Will and Kate may be asking for donations to charity instead of gravy boats and tablecloths for themselves.  That is so admirable I have to rave about it.

Cheers to Will and Kate for recognising that they have everything and then some and can buy the rest.  Given the likely invitee list to their wedding, there will be a lot of disposable income available.  And between a show of conspicuous consumption or some hefty donations to the needy?   No prizes for guessing which gets my thumbs up.

Tomorrow we're holding the birthday party for DD, who is 3 now, and we have a similar deal with our invitees.  We encourage them to make a small donation in our name, or just bring a very small contribution to the special family present.  I've done this for the last several birthday parties for my kids and I love the results:
  1. No present overload
  2. Fewer but higher quality presents to be appreciated
  3. Less clutter
  4. Charities benefit instead of chain stores
  5. One less task for busy parents - saving fuel, wrapping paper, etc.
What's not to love?  It's a much happer birthday all around...

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