Sunday, January 30, 2011

Go Team! Looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday

Are you a cheerleader?

In the Super Bowl, two teams of highly skilled athletes....stay on the sidelines, dancing and cheering their teams on the field.  That's a part of the game that's not likely to change.

Back in the real world:  do you cheer for the people who make a difference?
"That is so amazing!"
"I wish I could do that!"
...and then go about your business as usual?  Good thing someone else is doing the hard jobs. 

Are those people better than you?  Smarter?  Richer? Do they have more hours in their day? What stops you from being one of them?

Imagine if all the world's cheerleaders brought their skills to the team!

And for my next trick, let's invite the spectators too...

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