Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Secondhand Smarts - next nursing nightgowns

It's time for another chapter in the continuing story of my triumphs in secondhand shopping...

Out with the old...

These have been my winter nightgowns for 6 years. 

Back then, I was thrilled to find them in the (retail) shop.  I'd wondered if my only choices for nightwear I could breastfeed in were floral flannel or spendy specialist gear.

I give them full marks for accessibility and funky colour. Those numbers even sparkle!

But buttons have been pulled away by twiddly and ever-stronger little fingers, holes are gaping wider, and the fabric is so stretched that I hardly need to unbutton anymore - a bit chilly on the chest in wintertime! 

They've been exposed to every bodily product you can name. They're good only for rags...

Hmmm.  Maybe time for a family cloth experiment?!?!

In with the new...

Serendipity sent me to search in a different local charity shop than my usual. 

There, neatly hanging on the rack, were these three cutie-patooties in perfect condition...

My daughter's favourite is the one with the cats. (I predicted that, even though there was a pink one.)

DH thinks they look like the Sushi Cats; DS is not convinced. 

Total price: $12

I think the old nightgowns that I bought retail cost me $15 each.  And seemed cheap compared to other retail choices.

Why shop anywhere else?

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