Monday, May 7, 2012

11 things that mothers just don't get

OK, pay attention, mothers. Here are a few things we want you to know.
  1. I can care deeply about something, and still leave it on the floor.
  2. I can bounce on a trampoline, ride my bike, and play screaming chase all around the house, but I am too tired to put anything away. See? I fall flat at the very idea.
  3. My stomach can be absolutely full of vegetables, but still have room for chips and cake. Yes, that is possible.
  4. If I say I don't like some food, I don't like it. I don't have to try just one bite. I just know.
  5. If I am too busy to hang my clothes back up, they are dirty.  Please wash them.
  6. I am great at making a mess; you are wonderful at cleaning up.  Let's stick with our strengths.
  7. When you clean, please do it quietly so you don't interrupt me.
  8. If I yell and scream at you, don't hold a grudge. I will want something from you soon.
  9. S/he started it. And I care.
  10. What I'm doing right now is really important.
  11. I meant please!


  1. Giggle. My girls are very small, but I can see this already in my 3-year old. Hah!

    1. Before I had kids, I imagined attitude was the province of moody teenagers.