Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Giftmas?

How do I look in this?

The kid in all of us loves to get presents - and the kids around us love them even more.  So now's a great time to get creative with your imagination instead of your wallet and make your gifts unforgettable.

And it is also a perfect time to sort through what can be regifted.

This is not to everyone's taste, I know, but it can be a real win-win solution.  You give, declutter, and save money all at once. 

Golden regifting rule
It must look unused.
Hand me downs can be used and even look used.  Special occasion gifts must play the part.

I have an underbed box with great condition "baby and bigger" clothes saved from my regular purges of outgrown clothes.  Due to wrong seasons, too much, or buried, or whatever, I've never had a shortage of great gifts for new parents.

I also have a box of emergency kid gifts.  Some gifts are perfect finds from charity shops, some are unused gifts we've received, and some are even retail bargains!  Colouring and sticker books are favourites for us to receive, so when the bookstores have sales, I collect lots of handy, light, storeable, fun, recyclable presents at once.

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Have a Merry Christmas (not a Merry Giftmas :-)

P.S. Recent decluttering success
  • One large bag of toys, puzzles, rags, miscellaneous to the charity shop
  • Our overflow MegaBloks to Nadia's Montessori preschool
  • Set of infant Lego trains and blocks, sold on Trademe
  • One large bag of disposable nappies and trainers, awaiting target delivery


  1. Hi Jess - I regift... and have emergency stash! I even regift to my own kids (should I confess to that?) - they have so much on Birthdays from others, half the presents they don't even realise they have opened, and if I can see little interest at the time they get stashed away. This is getting harder as they get older. With my oldest I don't regift now, but put things away so they can be appreciated when the occasion is a distant memory, so as a treat rather than keep buying. A great tip I picked up is giving others consent to regift. If you buy them something and they don't like it or want it( which shouldn't happen - if you apply the useful rule when buying! know your audience haha!) - add a note saying please regift. I would hate to buy a gift that left the recipient obligated to keep it or cluttered up! Jo

  2. Hi Jo! Great minds think alike...

    I had never thought of consent to regift - I might feel a bit funny about this because my mother ALWAYS makes a big deal whenever she gives me something, saying "Now if you don't like it you don't have to keep it..."

    For me it feels quite negative - the words are "if you don't like it" but what resounds is "I think you might not like it" It takes a lot of fun about enjoying being given a gift. (Sorry Mom!)

    But then I feel pretty comfortable regifting as long as I do it sensitively.

    With kids' birthdays I am a true minimalist (after experiencing the present floods from the large parties I throw). The family gives presents but for party guest friends I request they either choose their favourite charity for a small donation or just bring a tiny contribution to our special present.

    That way the money is flowing somewhere useful.