Saturday, December 4, 2010

Make a statement!

No, how can I help YOU?
 Have some fun and spread the word too.

  1. Pick a cause.  Any cause, or as many as you like.  You may already have several favourites to choose from.  If you are already fundraising for something worthy, even better.
  2. Collect a pile of free handouts from that cause (or fundraising materials)
  3. Position them near your front door.
  4. When someone comes to your door (uninvited) wanting you to do something for them, listen politely and then offer them your cause's pamphlet(s) or ask if they want to buy from your fundraising promotion or donate small change.
Personally, I wouldn't pull the fundraising stunt on someone else trying to fundraise, only companies trying to sell me something.  But everyone at your door is fair game for pamphlets in your interest, at least.
This is especially good for those of us who are at home for our jobs, but unsolicited visitors happen after hours too.  At least this way, your time answering the door will benefit you instead of only the person disturbing you.

Wish me luck! I'll give you a full report later, and if you try it, let me know how it goes.


  1. Love this idea! Absolutely Love it! Fab! I so have the personality to pull this off, and will be joining you on this quest! I actually am a Not For Profit Consultant, so have a myriad of causes to promote. Can't wait to see the Avon Ladies face... Only problem is I hate clutter so need to find a really neat way of storing the leaflets :-) ps found you via Gip

  2. Wonderful! I haven't had the opportunity yet, which is a good thing since it means I haven't been bothered since I posted...

    Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. And spread the word about this idea too, I just know it could take off.

    What area do you consult in - or is Not for Profit an amalgamation of NFP causes?

    Gip is great, isn't he? I have him on my blogroll.