Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today's gifts

Some days you get extra opportunities to practice the crucial skill of acceptance!

You might have been expecting to have a relaxing childfree morning.  Instead, due to agents too small to see with the naked eye, have a tired mopey child resident on your La Z Boy - plus the job of dripfeeding him fluids by the teaspoon in the hope that there will be no more dirty laundry.
Hypothetically, of course.
There is a positive side to almost any change in circumstance - the hard part is overcoming natural emotional responses in order to seek it.  The negative side is usually the first thing that jumps up and down, screaming for attention.

Being content with what you already have is key to minimalism.  So is being content with what you get and making the most of it.

So, hypothetically, I could:
  • Let the child get his much needed rest watching his favourite shows and napping when needed.
  • Get some rest myself
  • Get some more organising done in the house
  • Let the two children keep each other company instead of having full entertainment duty
  • Enjoy the break from pickup duty and afternoon activities
I think I'm ready to enjoy what today brings.  How about you?


  1. Hi Jess! A friend of mine once suggested that parents needed daily naps more than the kids - maybe using some child downtime to catch up on some adult downtime is just what the doctor ordered? :)

  2. Hi - you are so right! I will regret when DD doesn't really need her daytime nap anymore because I will miss mine :-)

    My big boy has the patience to let me nap when he's awake but I don't think Miss 2 can quite do that yet.

    I also have to focus on getting real downtime instead of browsing on the computer...