Friday, July 23, 2010

Motherhood and beyond! (Punch fist in the air like Buzz Lightyear)

Today Nadia started her first morning at preschool and I had my first real taste of the end of fulltime mothering.  Heady stuff!  And I get it again tomorrow!
  • Nadia settled in like a dream.  So I skedaddled, dropped off a few bags at the charity shop, bought some lovely treats, and dropped in at my (ex)regular Plunket kids' playgroup for a celebration of being childfree.  The previous week, which should have been our last, everyone was hopelessly sick and we missed out on the farewell morning tea that was put on for us!  Chatting with the girls is more fun when you have no kid to keep entertained.  And aren't responsible for taking out the toys, and putting back the toys, and...  This won't be a major plan for my spare time, but it was a nice closure.

I've discussed the need for special sparks to get through the mundane requirements of living.  But that is survival mode.  There must be more! I need to have goals that serve me as a person and not only as my super crucial role of SuperMum.
  • I totally do not want to hear "I thought you don't go to work because you don't know how to do anything" and I love seeing the wonder on the kids' faces when I do something beyond their experience.

So here's the public declaration of Thinking Big!
  1. Body in shape - I was doing pretty well before the Great Illness (ok, it wasn't Man Flu, but not fun anyway).  But now it feels like I'm starting again.  And I'm 40 next year - so what better motivation than feeling and looking fab at 40?   Concrete Goal: runs reaching the beach on my free mornings as well as my mini-morning workouts
  2. Voice in shape - I don't want to be "I used to be an opera singer..." forever   I have the time and I need to prioritise.  I have the potential to be an even better performer than before, because after having children, I doubt I'll be half so uptight.  Concrete Goal - unbox my old sheet music and refresh my memory of one song a week.
  3. Bring in some money - I have just taken on two voluntary responsibilities for groups that have been important to my family.  While these earn no money, they are a genuine item on my CV and will help me warm up my skills.
And here's what I'll give up:
  1. Facebook time - one peek per day and off again
  2. Eating for entertainment - my lifelong habit of opening my mouth and putting things in without thinking is keeping me where I am today (at least as much as opening my mouth and letting things out without thinking)  Hours of hard-fought sweaty workout can be blown in 15 minutes of thoughtless eating - don't do it!
  3. No, if I can manage 1 and 2, I'll be doing extremely well!
What about you SuperMums?  Are you ready to commit to a goal that grows you as a person?  (Before was too early for me, and if you're still knee deep in newborns then this is not a guilt trip!)


    1. My thoughts are, that Indiana would start Montessori preschool (part time only) in a little over a year, when she is about to turn three.
      I will just get more time to do what I now try to squeeze in: Paint, and perhaps continue making the toys a bit more.. Though I will probably just enjoy doing nothing but clean up the home, make a cup of coffee and then sit at the computer :D
      DH and DD are now off to her grandparents' and I'm going to paint our kitchen. Once I finish this coffee!

    2. Hi Cat - if you are already doing any painting and toymaking, you are doing very well...especially if you're painting your own kitchen? What colours? We desperately need a redec but are waiting until the kids are less likely to do their own artistic experiments.

      One thing I'm going to try to cut down on is random computer time. I relax better reading or with a cup of tea or cocoa.