Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby steps

It's time to do before and after shots!  I can see I'm going to have to plan these better, because I've had to search hard for a decent before shot, and the comparison isn't as easy as I'd hoped. 

Clearly, tidying would make the after shot look even better, but that wouldn't be authentic. Cropping is quicker. 

Our lounge, after we accepted some wonderful furniture from my sister.  I couldn't let go of all our old furniture.  Because it's nice to have all that seating, right? And it fit, sort of.    And now?

The big tub chair is gone (from the house, not just from that room).    My display cabinet is much less cluttered.  Fewer knickknacks and cookbooks, and one of those 3 drawers is EMPTY!   I still have my eye on you though, cabinet...

The big speakers are gone.  The plant is on a TV stand rescued from its unused TV.  The TV stand tidies some toys away.

Net lost seating?  Absolutely zero.  That extra seat was always cluttered.

Pan to the TV corner of what seems like just yesterday.  Oh my god....  well, the kids looked good.
Note:  toy libraries are a great idea.  If you don't already have too many toys.  Let's move on quickly.

Yay, gigantic speakers GONE!  Baby guards GONE!  Kids GONE...oh wait, they were the cute part.
I can open the door, I can open the blinds.... whenever I want.  Can you feel the excitement?
I hope you enjoyed that as much as I do.

And here's a photo of our "out basket."

Yes, it's all gotta go...I'm so proud of us!


  1. Looking good! Let me know when you get the spa going!!

  2. Great baby steps ... have you seen the 10 things challenge that's on one of the blogs? Basically get rid of 10 things a week. I found that really worked - I was always very decluttered but did a massive 13 carloads + a couple of van loads + trademe selling ... and now I keep a box in the laundry and aim to get at least ten things a week. Little and often and constantly!

  3. @Gypsy - There's the 10 things and the 365 things and the 50 things... who doesn't like a gimmick :-)
    I'm (we're) not yet as uncluttered as you so one box doesn't do the trick yet! That sofa is my pile since it's downstairs out of the way. In my lounge I am actually getting to the point where I have to work to find things to release. When the whole house is like that, I will need to have those tools/goals to keep on top of it. I'm very proud of DH as he is getting on board with my efforts.

  4. @Bridget - thanks! I was just thinking about that funny area in our house and wondering what to do about the unused sauna. Sadly, the space wouldn't be easily incorporated into the rest of the house where it could be useful. But I would like to rejuvenate that spa...

  5. That's great that you have a supportive DH - mine is naturally very frugal and pretty tidy, but he is a big of a hoarder. Fortunately his hoarding is magazines, which are easily boxed up and put away, and clothes which I have pretty much got under control for him. His last bastion of hoarding is the garage!!! I am not a brave enough woman to enter. He has always left household stuff to me.
    I would love to hear more about the emotional challenges you have found in getting stuff decluttered, what you have found hard to part with. I found wedding gifts hard to part with for years, especially things that were on the register and that I had wanted!

  6. :-) Like for my veganism, DH is supportive but not naturally active in this area - he needs a lot of boosting. But as I've discovered from comparing stories, having a supportive DH is a lot to be thankful for! I'll be posting about him too...

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