Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vegan burger at McD's - Lest we forget

News flash on the local Auckland vegan network: you can get vegan burgers from McDonald's now! In some very limited outlets, you can use a touchscreen to create your own gourmet burger. Guacamole, mushrooms, tortilla strips, lettuce, tomato and tomato and chilli relish - sounds delicious!

So is this news to be celebrated? Is this a step in the right direction for vegans everywhere and time for a stampede to try the new offering to support McD's vegan efforts?

Yeah, nah. Time to watch (or re-watch) McLibel.
  • Remember how crappy McDonald's is as an employer to vulnerable young and poor people. Anti-union barely begins to describe it.
  • Remember how awful they are to their own franchisees.
  • Remember how they target children in their advertising.
  • Remember how they pressure their way into neighbourhoods and globalise the food economy, with their power undercutting business from local food outlets where the profits support local families. 
  • Remember how they consistently resist accountability from their animal product suppliers to be humane, sustainable, or even sanitary. 
  • Remember how their business and food philosophy is as anti-compassion as it is possible to get.
(Source: McSpotlight )

Lest we forget

Yes, I have taught my daughter to boo when we pass a McDonald's. I can't forget what I learned during the McLibel case. Yes, they are worse than other fast-food restaurants and supermarkets, if only because their size allows them to be.

No, I wouldn't cross the road to get FREE vegan food from them. Corporate criminals like Nestle and McDonald's bank on most of us forgetting their crimes. They're right.

Yes, it matters where you spend your money - you are voting to support that business's growth. There are lots of other nonvegan restaurants where you can already celebrate vegan options that have been available for years. Hooray!

Obquote from The Princess Bride

In the words of the (apparently) immortal Westley: "My brains, his steel, and your strength against sixty men, and you think a little head-jiggle is supposed to make me happy?" McDonald's head-jiggle may be in the vegan direction, but they're still McDonald's.

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  1. hi Jess,, thanks for this. I think it is well thought out and intelligently written. far too often vegans race to celebrate every 'victory' in the vegan food 'war' .. but i often feel that some 'wins' arent really wins at all. I grew up in the USA and was raised to not eat in Big Box food stores for political and health reasons. So when i was an omni or vegetarian i didnt choose to eat at maccas and on the rare occasion i did end up there wi friends i ate only chips and ice cream and even as an omni i am PROUD to say that i have NEVER eaten a McDonalds hamburger! - and most of the time i avoided the golden arches like the plague .. because lets face it - the 'food' they serve there is essentially poison! so vegan freindly options or NOT - no thanks Maccas!