Friday, February 15, 2013

Who needs eggs? Vegan French toast and egg salad with VEGG

When I went vegan, leaving the eggs in their basket was one of the easy bits. I soon discovered I didn't need eggs for baking (whoa), and I managed to do just fine without egg-heavy meals. But there are a few eggy dishes I remember fondly. So when VEGG asked for reviews of their vegan egg yolk, I rolled right up.

(Check out another great Kiwi VEGG review! For the record, I don't think I'm nice enough to share my French toast with the hens.)

Here's what I got in the mail. Good instructions!

The VEGG mixed up easily, just as instructed, and I stored it in the fridge.
Why No Eggs?

Eggs mean cruelty

Eggs are unhealthy

An egg a day is not OK.

The egg industry got their catchy results by studying a diet with a lot of other cholesterol-rich foods. Add an egg too? Not much more happens. But eggs are by far the richest source of cholesterol, and plenty of studies show eggs raise LDL cholesterol and your risk of a heart attack.

French Toast
French toast dip

The VEGG package gives a recipe for French Toast, so this was the first eggsperiment.

Snip opened the package, and, "Whoa, this smells like EGG!" Was I a bit silly to be so surprised? I checked the ingredients for sulfur, but I think it's the black salt that has this.

I made this recipe twice. The first time I only added half the required liquid, having stopped skimreading at "add 1 1/2 cup of soy milk" and missed "and 1 1/2 cup of water."

It was very goopy, but matched my memory of making French toast with eggs.

The second time, I made a lot more French toast!

In fact, I need to season my cast iron pans, so I was frustratingly unsuccessful with my frying. I eventually got out the toasted sandwich maker to make tasty golden-brown (if somewhat flat) French Toast.

Egg Salad

Egg salad is something that I do miss. This was on my radar to make, the instant I heard about this VEGG stuff. But I needed to buy vegan mayo and tofu, so we had some delays. 

Then we had more delays when I bought tofu, and my son said, "I love tofu! Make some of that tofu for tonight!" A symphony for a vegan mother's ears, so another day, another tofu shopping trip.

I also could only find one brand of vegan mayonnaise in the shop, but I figured that would be OK.

It all went as planned:
1. Pressed Tofu
2. Crumble and add VEGG and mayo
3. Lovely eggless salad!


During my lowfat vegan years (not eating mayonnaise), I forgot that I hate sweet mayonnaise. I was always a Best Foods girl, and this vegan mayo was more of the goopy Miracle Whip variety.  

So I will try the recipe again using Nayonaise, which I have enjoyed. Stay tuned...


Yes, absolutely. This product definitely does what it advertises.

It's available at many outlets worldwide and at the Cruelty Free Shop in New Zealand. You can order it online. It seems expensive, but it goes a long way and keeps well.


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