Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 99% don't need models

This controversial story about model sizes is the news of the day on my social networks - opinions range from "I still prefer skinny women" to "it shouldn't matter what size you are as long as you're healthy" and anywhere you like in between.

Statistics prove that model sizes have been getting skinnier and skinnier, and the outrage goes into a stampede.

Many of us care deeply about our body's health and attractiveness. Many in the vegetarian and vegan world enjoy that their food helps them increase their health and attractiveness.

And there's no question that the pictures we see influence what we consider beautiful.

But there's a gigantic assumption behind this controversy - so let's question it.

Why do we have models?

It could be....

 They help us choose our clothes by showing us what the clothes look like.
Well, this is the only possible excuse there could be for the entire modelling industry.  If only it weren't a total con.

At any size, a model doesn't look like me...or you

For the 99%, no model is your size or shape.  S/he has been picked specifically to look really good in clothes and in pictures.  When s/he wears clothes, they don't look like they will on you.  And that's before posing, lighting, makeup, hairstyle, and airbrushing.

The only thing a model sells is a fantasy - a hope that you will look that good if you bought those clothes.

It works - advertisers know it.

At a logical level, most of us know the truth.  That model does not help you pick clothes that suit you.  But that professional image goes straight through your logical brain without touching the sides and makes you want what you never needed and will not get.

To your health and happiness

Of course, pursue your own best road to a healthier body and life.

But that doesn't include an argument over anorexic models vs overweight (average) models  They're all unreal commercial images, unworthy of your personal aspiration and acceptance.  There are lots of beautiful people in the real world, and that includes you!

If you are concerned about our runaway body image problems, stop supporting the industries who use models.  There are enough good-quality and attractive secondhand clothes to get you through the rest of your life. 

You really don't need to see what they look like on the model first.



  2. Thanks Anon, that's a must watch that goes perfectly here!

  3. How is it the skinnier one is always smaller in height?