Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Secondhand smarts - this reunion is cookin'!

My latest victory in rejecting retail purchases and discovering...Secondhand Smarts.  Last time, we met cast iron.  Today, we return to the kitchen.

See the sad and lonely Pyrex lid.

Its mate, my most favourite and often used Corningware 2.5L casserole dish, slipped from careless hands to a sad end a few seasons ago.  (A moment of silence, if you please.)

Unable to move on (emotionally, you understand) to a replacement, this sad lid has remained unused in a drawer, getting in the way.  Only once did it come out - trying to partner with a cast iron skillet...and failing.

Will it end its days as merely clutter?

The Corningware 1.6L casserole dish has been on active duty ever since the loss of its bigger sibling.  Bravely though it tries, it is not the same.  I cannot make enough Mexican bean tortilla casserole to satisfy the hungries at our Second Saturday Vegan Potluck. I simply cannot.

Cute in its way - like trying on Daddy's shirt.  But no.

Destiny strikes

Already heavily loaded with fruits, vegetables, gluten free bread, and heavily discounted vegan Anzac biscuits, and far from my car, I can't resist glancing into my favourite charity shop.  I wiggle through the crowds in the kitchen section, and....there they were.

Though disguised, nested underneath a smaller non-Corningware dish, I knew them at once.  Their smooth cool ridges were engraved on my memory.  I knew they were meant for us.  It was fate.  Kismet.  Karma.

It was 2.5 and 1.6!
They agreed to come home with me, to meet the others. 

This big pair were a bit shy at first.

But I have a good feeling about them.

Little 1.6 is thrilled to have some company.  How thrilled?
Nothing like a wee little 500mL to bring joy to a kitchen!

And we all lived happily ever after.

Cost:  $13


  1. You meant the bases on those fabulous lids are actually breakable?

  2. Dropped hot and half full of Mexican Bean Tortilla Casserole on my way out to the al fresco deck table!

    Corningware has a 10 year guarantee for temperature breakage, but not impact.

  3. I think I need that Casseole recipe :) sounds divine!

  4. I have it listed on our VegFamilies FB group - try this!