Thursday, February 3, 2011

Minimalist Mum on VegSource!

I've been a vegan for about 15 years now, starting from my first introduction to Dr McDougall's programme, and in the past have been very involved with (ie, spent too much time in the office posting to) the VegSource site.

The news is that I am now going to blog for VegSource!  My first post is an updated version of my latest blog on Oprah, and if you look now, you can see me featured on the front page as well as posted in the Celebrities tab.

I'll link my food-related blogs from VegSource back to this blog, and carry on with the minimalist torch too.


  1. hi minimalist mum!

    I'm watching you for so long and I'm happy to be here again! I DO have a question: are you raw vegan or just vegan? Coz I'm trying to be a raw vegan and I don't know quite were to start, found some infos, feel VERY well eating raw food and I'm extremelly happy I've got the chance to find out about raw food! {it happened in a second! on Jan 11 2011 I've found out, on 12 I was already eating raw food! I didn't need any other explanations after reading the book written by Robert Morse!

    So...way to go~ !

  2. Hi Crista-Gabriela,

    Thanks for following and commenting!

    I am vegan, not raw vegan although I think that raw foods are extremely healthy and I'm sure that my health improves the more I eat raw.

    You might be interested in this ver timely article over on VegSource on the issue of all raw vs some cooked foods.