Monday, June 14, 2010

Brand new reality blog - it's Yoyo Day and YOU get to vote!

I have too many yoyos in my house.

What is a yoyo?  
This isn't like my marble collection - I bet you have yoyos in your house too.

Something catches my eye. I pick it up, turn it over in my hands, think "should I keep this?" can't really decide either way or a good way to get rid of it, and then whoops!  Down it goes.  Again.  Bingo, a yoyo!

I need your help!
Each week, on Yoyo Day, I will post a photo and history of a classic yoyo.   And you get to vote on what I should do with it.

Today's Yoyo

This is a really tough one for me.  This china was my grandmother's - it is vintage Royal Albert circa 1930 in OK condition and is probably worth something but I don't know what.  My mother shed it from her cupboards into mine and I have no china collection.  I have struggled with the choices:
  1. Post pic and sell on Trademe
  2. Donate and let worthy charity pick up whatever bonanza is in store
  3. Keep because it is pretty and does have sentimental value
It's in your hands - vote now!


  1. If it does have sentimental value for you, how about a compromise between 2 and 3? Donate the solo saucer, keep the cup and saucer. It IS pretty!
    And I love the yo-yo concept - I know exactly what you mean!

  2. Well, that would be a pretty easy solution to my first yo-yo, even though it doesn't clear the whole space away... thanks!

  3. I like the donate-keep option too. But perhaps you could figure out a way to use and display the cup - I have three mismatched vintage cups in the bathroom cabinet, holding my few pieces of make-up (the large one) and bobby pins (smallest one) and nail scissors, tweezers and some such in the medium size one :) Having a real use for them justifies keeping them. Now, the china my grandma painted with her own little hands, a whole set, is a completely different ball game.. (Keep for my daughter, ask my siblings if they want it...)

  4. I like that, but I will have to think of a way in our house that it can be used with being in immediate danger of breakage by interested children.....