Friday, February 18, 2011

A utility closet you can use...

There's one nice thing in this picture!
One great improvement

I'm remembering to take Before pictures when the decluttering bug strikes!

Both DH and I hesitate to throw away big bottles... a big case of the Just In Cases.

Would you believe there is a rubbish bin in this laundry room and the recycling bin is but a few steps out door #1 behind the little lady?

The transformation didn't actually take long and DS and I even wiped down the shelves.

Yes, that's more like the number of items that we need for washing our clothes.  Isn't it astonishing how long we can live with a ridiculous situation?

The recycling bin got several armloads.

Homes for the homeless
I can now store our chilly bins (US translation: ice chests) on that tall bottom shelf instead of stacked next to the spare freezer.

More success for my digging deep method:  target hidden spaces because that's where you hide unused items.  Visible clutter is more often useful things without homes.  Get rid of stored junk and voila!  homes for the visible clutter.

Even extra laundry can be more fun with this sense of accomplishment!

What do you cling to Just In Case?  What busy corners of your house have gotten a bit too busy?

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